Rob Cipolla | Full Stack Developer & Designer

My name is Rob Cipolla

Full-stack web developer and designer

I specialise in user-centric applications. I use technology to drive change, always staying ahead of the curve. Besides work, I'm passionate about knowledge sharing and continuous learning, inspiring others in tech.

Currently working with a talented team of developers at Locale.

Rob Cipolla professional in an office environment

Recent Posts

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Posted: 16/04/2024

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About me

Hey I'm Rob, I'm a fullstack developer, designer and digital strategist with over 8 years industry experience. I have a passion for creating modern, clean and user-friendly websites and applications.

I have a wide range of experience both building marketing websites and applications across different technology stacks, in addition, my background working for various types of clientele, ranging from national property developers, the financial industry and SMEs, has given me the ability to adapt to my environment.

I have a keen interest in designing and developing flexible design systems and well tested robust backends for projects backed by thorough research and planning.

Want to know more? Visit my about page using the link below!

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Rob Cipolla professional in an office environment

What people are saying

James Anthony

James Anthony

Motion Graphics & Video

I've worked with Rob for about four years as part of the digital team at Reach. He is highly professional, motivated, embraces challenge and is able to make complex goals understandable and achievable for all involved. It is a pleasure to recommend him to other employers.

George Sfintescu - Niculescu

George Sfintescu - Niculescu

Senior SEO Executive

I had the pleasure of working alongside Rob during his tenure as the Head of Web Development at Reach, and I wholeheartedly recommend him. Rob's technical expertise and leadership skills were instrumental in our team's success. His ability to conceptualize and execute complex web projects, coupled with his effective communication, made him an invaluable asset. Rob's commitment to staying updated with industry trends and his dedication to achieving our web development goals set him apart. If you're looking for a skilled and results-driven leader in web development, Rob is the ideal choice.

Connor Marriott

Connor Marriott

Account Manager at Reach Marketing Communicationons

I worked with Rob during his time at Reach Marketing Communications.

Rob is a highly dedicated and talented individual. He consistently went above and beyond to deliver outstanding results for our client's web projects, as well as upkeeping maintenance.

One of Rob's standout qualities is his ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments and under pressure. His adaptability and quick problem-solving skills make him an asset in these situations.

I have no doubt that Rob would be a valuable addition to any organisation. His professionalism, expertise, and dedication to the services he provides are great to see. I wholeheartedly recommend Rob.